I first learned to read at a very young age and was able to read signs and children’s books without help by the age of 3. And so began my love of reading and the never ending journey for the next great book. My love of writing came about the moment I learned how to write my name. It sounds so cliche but reading and writing is everything to me. Growing up, it was rare that you ever saw me without a crayon and a piece of paper in my hand. I would write poems, songs, short stories, random scenes in my head. I even kept a journal to write about my days.

Now, as an adult, not much has changed lol.

Although there is a little less poetry and song writing involved, I still keep a journal, I still write the random scenes that pop into my head, and I always carry a pen and scraps of paper around with me. If not, I use the notebook feature on my phone.

Currently, I am in graduate school getting my masters degree in School Counseling and am one of the student co-chairs for my graduate department’s Diversity Committee. My desire is to either work with athletes or foreign exchange students on the high school or university level. I know what you are thinking; athletes or foreign exchange students? But those are two completely different things!

But it’s actually not though. Having been a Division 1 athlete at my university during undergrad, let me be the first to tell you that sports is the one place where you will meet people from all over the world. I’ve met people from Finland, Jamaica, Latvia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Haiti, and the Bahamas! And outside of sports, my university was also partnered with different schools and programs in Asia and Australia so we had a fair percentage of foreign exchange students too (I actually befriended a couple of Australians one semester and it was so fun to be able to hang out with them, listen to them speak, and hear the things that amazed them that we in America don’t even blink twice at, such as seeing deer on the side of the road. lol).

Different cultures and languages has been an interest of mine since a young age (around middle school) and I plan on using this blog to also document my language learning journey.

Books. Writing. Culture & Language. That’s pretty much this blog in a nutshell 🙂

When I’m not reading or writing or deciding on what language I want to learn next, you can find me either at the gym or being lazy and watching Netflix/YouTube videos. I also have a newfound obsession with sheet masks and have a skincare blog, so there’s that. Be sure to check that blog out too! >> @springlovecherryblossoms 🙂


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