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Spanish Book Haul!

So this book haul is loooonnng overdue. I honestly have no excuses besides laziness and forgetfulness lol. Being as though I am now on my own when it comes to my Spanish language studies, I took it upon myself to purchase some self-help study materials. I may have gone a bit overboard (as I usually do when it comes to things I am passionate about) but I am happy with my purchases and want to share them with you all! All books were super affordable and were purchased off of Amazon.

Puntos de Partida 8

The number 8 stands for the edition, so I have the 8th edition. I believe they are currently on the 10th. This is a book that I’ve had since I was a freshman in college. I never used it (bad student, I know). I have the loose leaf version of this book which is much cheaper then purchasing the hardback although the 8th edition hardback has reduced in price since it is two editions old.

This book has accompanying workbooks to go with it but you have to buy them separately (it wasn’t required for me so I never did). Unfortunately, those still cost a lot of money. This book is supposed to just be one item in an all-encompassing Spanish language program. There is an online component that you need an access card for and I believe the most current edition even has audio cd’s to go along with it. Since my book and access card are old, mine no longer works but I still have access to the stuff meant for public use and I have been enjoying it so far. It does get a bit confusing though when the listening exercises tell me to flip to a certain page in the workbook in order to follow a certain dialogue when I do not have the workbooks and don’t plan on getting them; they are expensive and my book is outdated anyway.

Since this is a book meant for student use in a classroom, there is a very large emphasis on speaking, with the majority of the practice exercises in the book asking you to converse with a classmate in Spanish or to talk to your professor. I just end up talking out loud to myself and hoping I sound okay lol. I do think this book is helpful though. It teaches grammar usage in short bursts then offers plenty of practice directly after (even if it is mostly speaking). The vocabulary is aplenty in this book as well. I would recommend this book but if you do buy it, you would honestly be better off if you had a personal tutor or teacher to help you. If you can afford the hundreds of dollars’ worth for the entire collection of textbook, workbooks, audio cd’s, and online program?? Then more power to you. Happy studying.

This was the only book I did not pay for since I had a book scholarship my freshman year. This particular edition is being sold on Amazon for around $40 now. The workbooks are being sold for $50 and up. The newest edition is being sold for over $100.

Basic Spanish

This is only one of soon to be many Practice Makes Perfect books by McGraw Hill in my stash. They are so simple and straightforward to use and do exactly as they say: they give you lots and lots of practice! With the purchase of many of the PMP books – this one included – you get access to their online learning sources called the Language Lab. You get access to flashcards, an audio answer key, record and play, and a progress tracker. Now that I am saying this, I realize that all of my Spanish books in this haul are made by McGraw Hill. I guess they haven’t been voted among the top for nothing!

This book is for beginners. Most of the PMP books will tell you on the back of the book which level the book was intended for and this one is for beginners.

So far, I like this book. I have only gotten through the first 5 practice lessons and have done the cumulative review of those 5 lessons. I plan on using the online Language Lab so that I can track my progress and study the vocab (you get a lot of vocab in this book as well). This book can be found on Amazon for $13.40

The Ultimate Spanish Verb Review and Practice

I bought this one based off of reviews and because I suck at conjugating verbs. I hope this book will give me much needed practice with verbs and allow me to become comfortable with using verbs in other tenses besides the present tense. This third edition is the latest edition and can be found on amazon for $8.34.

Complete Spanish Grammar

This is a grammar workbook. It is much bigger than I was expecting it to be. It’s only 335 pages (not including the glossary and answer key) so not too thick but still much thicker than I thought it would be for a practice workbook. Although the title of this book says “complete Spanish grammar”, the back of this book shows that the level only goes to beginner intermediate.

I plan on buying the Advanced Spanish Grammar when I get the money. This book can be found on Amazon for $10.87.

Easy Spanish Step-by-Step & Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step

I also bought these books due to the reviews. After reading reviews from a couple of native Spanish speakers that teach the language and seeing that they would recommend these books, I was sold. Upon flipping through the books I see that they are both a textbook and a workbook in one which I LOVE! I love not having to buy a completely separate workbook that accompanies a text. And since the workbook is included, I feel better about writing in the book to take notes and highlighting. I prefer that over taking notes in a lined notebook (not trying to hate on notebooks, I love them. But I love being able to condense my study materials).

The Easy Spanish book is meant for total beginners up to advanced beginners.

The Advanced Spanish book is for an intermediate level which is very misleading in my opinion. They should not call the book “advanced” if it is only intermediate. There would have been nothing wrong with having an Intermediate Spanish Step-by-Step and then have the advanced level. I did not know this until I received my books in the mail and saw this on the back of the book.

Either way, I think both books will be helpful to my studies. Both of these books can be found on Amazon for $5.41 (this is such a steal!!) and $12.46.

The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice

I ended up buying this because I thought it would be a good idea to have something that just might encompass everything I am learning and review it as one instead of having to go through all of my materials and books in order to review. I will have to wait until I get a little farther along in my studies though because this book is meant for advanced beginners all the way up to advanced.

I’m just starting this journey so this book will stay on my shelf for now but I’m happy to have it for later. This book is currently being sold on Amazon for $12.62.

That’s it for my Spanish book haul! I am so happy to get started using these. There is nothing like cracking open a brand new language book. Seeing as though my Amazon wish list is filled to the brim with language books, I am certain that another haul will be coming in the near future…and it just might include one of the other languages that I mentioned in my last language post lol. As if I need to add any more languages to my already growing list!

**DISCLAIMER** All prices listed above are true at the time that I typed up this post. Prices listed on Amazon are known to fluctuate up and down often.


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