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Getting Back Into Korean

So it has been a month. The school year has finally ended, I received fantastic grades, and if anybody remembers from my last Korean update post, I was unsure about an old Summer job as well but guess what? I got the job! And I got a raise from last Summer (yay me!) lol. I start the job on May 22nd. When I told them when I would be returning from school they were kind enough to give me a week to get settled before having to report into work. I had to thank God for that because I most definitely need the breather before starting work.

Starting Monday, I will be cracking open my Korean textbooks again, and I’m actually more excited than I thought I would be lol. In my last update, I said that I would still be immersing myself in all things Korean and I’m happy to say that I kept my word! I didn’t watch any kdramas or anything like that because I don’t know of any and none grab my attention at the moment (recommendations for good shows are welcome), but I did watch lots of Korea traveling videos, Korean culture videos (things foreigners should know before visiting, etc.), and I watched quite a few grammar and vocab videos as well as current event videos from ‘Talk to Me in Korean’ and Billy Go. I even started learning about some super popular kpop groups. I knew kpop was popular but I had no idea how HUGE kpop really was; even here in the states.

But speaking of ‘Talk to Me in Korean’, they are having a sale on their book bundles and I want their books so bad! They get such high praise from hundreds of viewers and users and their YouTube videos are so on point and helpful. And after watching their textbook and workbook flip-throughs, I know that their books would be beneficial to me because they work with my learning style. The reason I can’t get them is because the company is based out of Korea which means the shipping costs are Through. The. Roof. Shipping for 1 book costs just as much as the book itself (minus 1-5 dollars) and shipping for trying to buy the book bundles cost anywhere from $60 to over $100 and a sista just don’t have that kind of money!

I will just stick with what I have. I like the books I have and I like Billy Go. He gets to the point and he’s fun. I also like the fact that he is a native English speaker so he knows how an English speaker would think when learning the Korean language and he can help out with any difficulties that come along with that.


Well, this was not meant to be a long post where I blab on about nothing. I’m just excited to be starting my Korean self-study again 🙂

Thanks for reading

~ TheCloudRunner


2 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Korean

  1. I recommend She was Pretty and Moorim School. Currently, I’m watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Ju but I haven’t been consistent :/


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