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Beauty & The Beast Tag!


Hello everyone!

In honor of the newly released Beauty & the Beast film, I wanted to do the Beauty & the Beast tag. No, I was not tagged but it’s a short tag that seems pretty fun so I wanted to do it. Also, I have been seeing so many posts on Twitter, Instagram, and BookTube about the movie and I feel so left out because I haven’t seen it yet. My sister and I went to see it on opening weekend which was the weekend before my Spring Break ended, but it was sold out! The first two days of showings in my area were completely sold out 😦

Then I had to return to school. But good news: I’m going to see the movie tonight! But to quench my thirst for the film in the meantime, I decided to do the Beauty & the Beast tag. I’m not 100% sure but I think I first saw this tag over on Pretty Deadly Blog so be sure to head on over to her blog and check her out too. Let’s get started!

  1. “BEAST” – A villain you can’t help but love

I am actually not sure if I am supposed to stick to books for this tag or if I can include movies and tv series as well, but that’s what I’m doing. And for this I had to choose Prince Zuko!


This guy had one of the greatest character transformations of all time in an animated series in my opinion. Although Zuko is extremely angry, mean, disrespectful, and confused, you can’t help but love him because you know that he is not evil to his core. He has simply been hurt way too many times by the people that are supposed to love and care about him. We see his inner turmoil throughout the series and watch as he lives his life trying to become a man and restore his honor, but we also see the inner transformation as he grows, actually learns what honor is, what love is, and finally lets his past go. Prince Zuko is utterly amazing.

  1. “BEAUTY & THE BEAST” – Your OTP (One True Pairing)

I know this is taboo in the fangirl book community, but I am not a huge character shipper. Out of all the years and years that I have been reading books and watching television, only two couples have actually made me smile like an idiot and squee! And they are:


Lena and Julian from Pandemonium (Book 2 in the Delirium series)

arthit and kongpob

and Arthit and Kongpob from Sotus: The Series (A Thai series that just ended not too long ago).

Lena and Julian come from the opposite sides of the fence. Lena is an outcast who is basically running for her life and Julian is the rich kid who doesn’t know the truth behind his crazy community. When they meet, it’s a bit awkward but when they finally start developing feelings for each other, it is probably the sweetest thing that I have read in a long time. Sadly, if you have read this series, you know that this doesn’t last. I will stop there to refrain from any spoilers but I’m still upset at the author for choosing to write things the way she did. Book 3 in this series? A solid NO from me.

As for Arthit and Kongpob, this is a gay love story that takes place in University. Kongpob is a freshman in the faculty of engineering and Arthit is a junior in the same faculty. Kongpob has feelings for Arthit and when Arthit finds this out, he is very resistant and we see his inner confusion about the whole thing but he eventually comes around and I can assure you that their budding relationship is absolutely everything you want a romance to be, plus some! This is a series that I wish there were more of. The romance was slow building and I loved how the other characters were so supportive of the two main characters instead of ostracizing them for being gay. The chemistry between the two actors is spot on! The eye contact and facial expressions, the small touches of affection, the body language when one is around the other. Ugh, it’s so stinkin’ cute! This series did start off a bit rocky for me because there was a lot of hazing in this series which seems to be very popular in Thailand in real life. So I battled with that at first but the series won me over and I loved it! I also wanted to add that I loved how this relationship did not revolve around sex and promiscuity that one sees so often in gay films with older characters. I really appreciated the sweetness and normality of the entire relationship.

  1. “BELLE” – A character destined for great things


Hmmm, I wanted to choose someone else other than Katniss but I can’t think of anybody else honestly. So I have to go with Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I’m sure had anyone started reading this series without ever reading the summary on the back of the book, one would automatically know that something major was going to happen with Katniss. Although the ending of the series was kind of bittersweet in my opinion, I think this was a great series. Katniss started from the very bottom only having pure survival instincts. She was not a cold-hearted killer; she just wanted to live and provide for what was left of her family in the meantime. But such a defiant attitude paired with pure survival instincts can only be destined for greater things and that is why I had to choose Katniss for this.

  1. “BE OUR GUEST” – A book that makes you hungry


For this I had to choose One Man Guy. This isn’t a well-known book and I actually picked it up on a whim from This book has an Armenian main character and is written by an Armenian as well. Although the focus of this book is not about food, food is mentioned so much in this book. It was so cool to be able to read about the different types of Armenian dishes in this book. Every time food was described, I could actually smell the descriptions and wish I could taste it. At the end of the book, the author even included an Armenian recipe for stuffed grape leaves…(or something like that? I don’t have the book with me so I can’t double check, but it was definitely something like that lol). If you don’t want to read this book for the story, definitely read it for the food!

  1. “BEAUTY & THE BEAST…AGAIN LOL” – Opposites attract


For this I am also choosing another lesser known book, called Played. This is an older book and I read it for the first time back when I was in the ninth grade but I have read it about 2 or 3 more times since then. The couple in this book is Ian and Kylie. Kylie is an unpopular girl that doesn’t have a lot of money, she doesn’t have the designer clothes and all the other materialistic things that make kids popular. Ian is the complete opposite. Ian only approaches Kylie in the first place because he loses a bet with his friends and has to try to get Kylie to “give up the goods” in a set amount of time. Throughout this book, we see that even though Kylie is not the prettiest girl in the school, she has a beautiful heart and we watch as Ian quickly starts to fall for her, the guilt he feels at using her for this bet, and how everything hits the fan when Kylie finds out about the bet and how his friends react when they start to believe that his feelings for her might be real. Then we follow along as Ian tries to win Kylie back. Although a bit cliché and trope-ish here in 2017, this was a great story back when I was 14 and it actually had a pretty good lesson to it.

Well that’s it for the Beauty & the Beast tag! If you haven’t done this tag yet, I tag you. It was actually really fun to do 🙂



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