Spring Bookish Bingo 2017!

I am a bit late to the party seeing as it’s already halfway through March, but I have taken it upon myself to participate in this season’s bookish bingo! I have seen these floating around the book community but I have never participated due to not having the types of books on the bingo cards. Sure, I could always buy them. But I am trying to save money…and plus I’m on a book buying ban until my TBR pile decreases a bit (and by “a bit”, I mean a whole heck of  a lot!).

So anyway! I will be doing it this Spring and even if I don’t get a bingo, that’s okay. The point of it is to read more, and to read more diverse in the mean time.

This bookish bingo is brought to you by Bekka over at Pretty Deadly Blog. Check out her blog for the original post and to comment if you want to participate!

The Details:

  • Every new season has a new bingo card. This one is for books read in the months of March, April, and May.
  • The object is to get as many BINGOs as possible (five across, up and down, or diagonal)
  • One square per book
  • You do not have to review these books, or even have a blog, this is simply for books read during the allotted months
  • At the end of May there will be an international giveaway for all participants. The more BINGOs you get, the more entries you get in the giveaway!
  • To participate, simply leave a comment on Bekka’s blog!


Thankfully for this card, I actually have quite a few books I can choose from for these categories. The bingo category that I know I definitely won’t be hitting is “2017 debut”. I have not bought books since last summer; almost an entire year it’s been! So that means no new releases have made it into my hands yet. But ah well. Let the games begin!

Are any of you participating in this bookish bingo (or any bingo)? If not, share what you are reading anyway! I love hearing what books people have their noses pushed into.

Later peeps 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spring Bookish Bingo 2017!

  1. I’m also participating this season except I’ve only read three books so far. Hopefully I’ll get to read more once this semester is over. How’s your bingo board going?


    1. So far I’ve only read three books that I can mark off on my bingo sheet. But one of them matches for two bingo squares (purple cover and person of color on the cover). This summer im hoping to get to many more!

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