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Beauty & The Beast Tag!

Hello everyone! In honor of the newly released Beauty & the Beast film, I wanted to do the Beauty & the Beast tag. No, I was not tagged but it’s a short tag that seems pretty fun so I wanted to do it. Also, I have been seeing so many posts on Twitter, Instagram, and… Continue reading Beauty & The Beast Tag!


Spring Bookish Bingo 2017!

I am a bit late to the party seeing as it's already halfway through March, but I have taken it upon myself to participate in this season's bookish bingo! I have seen these floating around the book community but I have never participated due to not having the types of books on the bingo cards.… Continue reading Spring Bookish Bingo 2017!


Book Review: The One Safe Place by Tania Unsworth

“In a drought-sticken world, Devin and his grandfather have barely scraped out a living on their isolated farm. When his grandfather dies, Devin knows he can’t manage alone and heads for the nearest city to find help. But in the city he finds only children alone like him, living on the streets. Then a small… Continue reading Book Review: The One Safe Place by Tania Unsworth