Fangirl moments – SOTUS: The Series

Okay, so I have to take a moment and do something I never do. I am going to fangirl over a tv series. Although I am a book lover and I can listen to people rant, rave, and fangirl over books and tv series for ages…I normally do not engage in it myself. I’ve always been pretty stoic when I read and watch tv even if I love it. Why? Idk. Maybe because I have grown so used to the fact that no one wants to hear me gush over books and random tv shows that I find. 


SOTUS: The Series is a Thai tv show that I happened to stumble across. After finishing two Thai tv series, this one popped up as a recommended watch. It also had great reviews even though it was a new show so I did some research on what it was about. In a nutshell it’s about a guy named Kongpob (this spelling could possibly be incorrect? I’ve seen multiple spellings). He is a first year engineering student at a university and all the freshman have to go through a form of hazing within the SOTUS system in order to receive a gear (an actual gear; almost puts you in the mind of a key chain). 


SOTUS stands for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit. Receiving this gear shows that they have worked and earned their place in the engineering program. The gear pretty much symbolizes their heart (a gear is like the heart of the machine. Without working gears, the machine doesn’t work; without a heart, you don’t work; and without the student body as the working gears of the program, obviously there would be no program).

So anyway, the people doing the hazing are a group of students in their Junior year of college. The head hazer is a Junior student named Arthit who is very mean and harsh in his hazing “punishments”. But freshman Kongpob isn’t about to take such harsh treatment so easily so Arthit is in for a real treat when he starts dealing with Kongpob’s defiance and sassy remarks.

Needless to say the story line follows them and their interactions (along with a couple of side stories with other side characters).

Now I won’t lie. It took me a little while to get into this series. And when I say a little while, I just mean like…three episodes. What initially drew me into the series was the college setting. Loved that! Because I do get tired of watching things with people in high school. Second thing that drew me in: the show is categorized as “BL”. I literally had no idea what this meant so after a quick Google search I found out that it means ‘Boys Love’ which = gay, which means the show caters to the LGBT audience ️‍🌈 as well as anyone else who wants to watch it. This was another plus for me because to me, in tv shows and books alike, it seems that gay characters always play the side role (does the token gay best friend ring any bells?). Third thing that drew me in: the show takes place in freakin THAILAND. Enuff said.

So then why did it take so long for me to like the show? The hazing. 

I am so completely and utterly against hazing of any kind that if I could shut down all groups and organizations for good that participate in it, I would. Zero second chances given. 

So with that in mind, I just kept asking myself “why are these freshman putting up with this mess??” “Is this what university life is really like in Thailand??” “Why don’t they speak up for themselves?” “Why is the university’s staff okay with this??” “Yoooo…like, WHY ARE THEY PUTTING UP WITH THIS!”

(Left: making the freshmen do hundreds of squats. Right: making them run laps)

Lol I was clearly going through all types of emotions. I would have never put up with hazing when I was in college. So I stopped watching it for a while. But I went back to it because I was really curious to see how any type of romantic relationship would develop between the two main characters after all this hazing. 


(This is the promo poster that was released online. Left: Kongpob. Right: Arthit)

And yalllll, I just want to say that Kongpob is the sweetest most sassiest most open and loving character ever! If the show itself does not capture you, Kongpob will steal your heart! He is so believable with the way he delivers his lines, the way he looks at Arthit, his facial expressions, their chemistry together! EVERYTHING! He is so raw in the emotional aspect of his acting and I just….ahhhh! I just cant take the feels I get watching this show. Kongpob was never shy in embracing the way he feels for Arthit and I loved that.

Arthit on the other hand….maaannn. Arthit. Freakin Arthit.

He is super resistant to all of this of course which is what makes the story line and keeps us all watching but ugh! My heart! The guy who plays Arthit is also a great actor and wears his character’s emotions on his face really well. You will fall in love with him too if you like the mean, resistant, slightly bad-boy-with-a-good-heart-underneath type. You can clearly see how Arthit feels for Kongpob and his confusion about it and that’s what makes his character so great too. But honestly! Season 1 is not yet over and so far throughout the series I have been screaming at Arthit “stop being a meany pants and love him already!” Ugh!

There will be tears shed. Some laughs shared. But most of all there will be LOOOVVEEE! And I can’t wait until they finally come together. 

Just succumb to power of love Arthit. Just do it. You will not regret it with the beautiful, loving God-send that is Kongpob ❤❤


I have completed the first 10 episodes as they are being released weekly online. Supposedly it is going to be a 16 episode season and I’m hype for that!

I recommend this show x 1000!!

My one criticism is that from the (very) few series from Thailand that I have seen (including this one), the directors or writers tend to introduce side stories (some of them actually pretty good) then drop them for multiple episodes at a time which kind of…sucks. Either stay with it or don’t introduce them at all. When they drop it like that for so long, it ends up feeling like they used those side stories just to fill camera space or to give a certain actor their debut and that’s it. I don’t like that too much. 

But anyway. WATCH. THIS. SERIES. PEOPLE. You won’t regret it. You can find it on YouTube by the actual releasing company called GMMTV or you can find it on Kissasian.com. Idk of any other sites that may have it (possibly Soompi and Kudalakorn??).

Once again, the show is filmed in Thailand and has Thai actors and is in the Thai language so unless you speak Thai, you will need subtitles. But its so worth watching. Go watch it!

Okay. Fangirl moment over. 😁


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