Korean Book Haul! (Part 2)

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! This is part 2 of my Korean language book haul and I’ll just jump right into it!

While initially looking up what Korean books are great for beginning learners like myself, one of the first series to pop up was Korean Made Simple by Billy Go.


Just like the Korean From Zero series, this is another series that I am excited to begin using. I have flipped through the books and the style of speech is simple and easy to understand but not so much that I feel like the author is treating me like a child. These books are also workbooks combined with the learning portions so there are tons of opportunities to practice using exercises in the books.


These are also decent sized books (over 300 pages each) and I love that these books are written by someone who was once a Korean learner himself. I think that is good because as someone who was once a Korean learner, he knows how to put things in such a way that the nonnative speaker (English speaker specifically) will understand. With that being said, I do think I prefer books that are at least co-authored by a native. Nothing against nonnative speaking authors that have written a language book. It’s just a comfort thing. I feel like even nonnatives with years and years of practice in a language, or even with a degree in a language, can still make mistakes that a native speaker would not.

No biggie though. I’m still excited to have these books 🙂

The last and final series that I purchased was the Elementary Korean series published by Tuttle.


This is another series that I see floating around the interwebs and after reading reviews on amazon and on book blogs, I wanted to get my hands on them.

The first book comes with an audio cd and a separate workbook.


The second and third book come with a cd that has audio on it as well but the workbook is in pdf form (also on the cd).


I personally like having a physical copy of workbooks because I don’t always like staring at a computer screen but it’s okay, I’ll make it work.

All of these books are pretty hefty (the second book in the series is 400 pages!) and I really like that.


I guess I have a thing for big books. But if you follow my BookTube channel, that’s nothing new. The bigger the book, the better!

Based off of reviews online, these books are no nonsense and harder than the other series that I have. They have more of an academic feel to it and the books contain hardly any pictures. In other words, they get down to the nitty gritty. So if you want simplicity and a little fun, these books might not be for you.

I flipped through all the books myself and the lessons start off with a dialogue then moves into vocabulary (I guess the vocab that will be used throughout that lesson?), then the lesson itself. The lessons then end with about 8 to 10 practice exercise before moving on to the next lesson/chapter. Despite the fact that these books do indeed look a bit intimidating, I am excited to have them. I can really see myself getting good use out these.

As you progress through each book (elementary, intermediate, advanced), the amount of English being used in the books decreases significantly so be aware of that. That does not bother me because if I am supposed to be advancing in order to become more fluent, then I will need to be more fully immersed in Korean.

Well, that concludes my Korean book haul! I will definitely be posting updates and progress reports throughout my journey to being multilingual.

I’m sure people are wondering why I purchased so many books or why I purchased entire series of books without at least trying the first book first. Simply put: that’s just not the way I do things lol. As I mentioned in a previous post, when I am passionate about something, I have a tendency to get overly excited to the point where it can seem excessive. But I own that and am not ashamed. Again, not very cost effective if I end up not liking something lol but I know that regardless of anything, these books will be used no matter how long it takes me to get around to them.

My plan in my language journey for Korean is to go through the beginner books first, no matter which series it is a part of. I chose to do it this way so that I can be sure I have a rock solid foundation in the language (well, at least as solid as it can get without having an actual teacher). I chose to purchase multiple books and series because a lot of the time, even though it is the same information, different people have different styles of teaching and they present things in different ways. What is not understood in one book can quite possibly be explained in another way that I do understand in another book. Some books might also contain more info on the beginner level that others do not. I personally feel that learning from more than one book can be beneficial in the journey. So after the beginner books, I will move on to the intermediate books across the multiple series. Then finally, the advanced.

I can’t freakin wait! 🙂


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